Monday, July 26, 2010

Let's Mingle- Mingle!

24 July-25 July 2010

That weekend i xbalik umah :( Plus that weekend gak Sigma buat BBQ. It was kinda sad that i didn't get to go but there was nothing i could do. All the new Professional students had to attend the induction program. Ours was called 'Mingle-Mingle In The Park 19'. Kiteorg dpt gi Alang Sendayu at Gombak. Sume professional students which, includes CAT, Cima and some ACCA students joined the program.

We arrived at Alang Sendayu around 9am i think. But i can't remember cause i slept all the in the bus. haha. Yela penat pe. I slept around 1am on friday night cause bercite-cite dgn roomate. haha.
So sampai2 kt the louge we split into our groups. I was in group 12. First thing kiteprg kne bt is our team flag. Oh btw the theme for this mingle-mingle was fifa world cup. So our team was..... PARAGUAY. Don't ask camne kiteorg bole dpt that team. So My team had 9 members. All of them was awesome.


Our second activity was Explore Race. It was AWESOME. We had to swim in the sungai then got tepung sbb kne denda. Haha! Then we had to sling shot a tin, Draw on our team flag on our face. Lawa kott :) Then we had one task that everyone has to go through a tali yg enth pe2. But it took a long time for one person so we took the penalty which was kne guling2 on the grass. The last one arrived kne telur. So one of our leader kne telur cause die volunteer. There was this task that kne swimming in the pool. Which was so fun. Kutip2 lego cause we had to build 3 modals.
There was 12 task but we only did 5 i think. Haha.

So our third activity was Game War. Which was so much fun. Kelakar gile tengok all the guys rebut the other team flags. Semangat gile sume org main game nie sampai ganas2 ponn ada. But it was a short game cause it was too ganas. Haha!

Roomies :D

So that night we had Malam Kebudayaan. We got a strip of the character and words that kne ada in that show. Our character was PowerPuff Girls and Mat rempit. And the words was kereta lembu, lemang, sterika baju, tahlil, penyakit kurap and ada lagi tp xingat. Overall our show was awesome. Sbb sume spotan. I was one of the powerpuff girls. ;D We were the first team to perform cause the other team.....

The second and final day. We had senamrobik to the song Waka waka. Tak peluh pon. haha.
Our main activity was Jungle Tracking. Now that was so much fun. Dapat mandi at the waterfall. Oh yeah i think i felt a water snake around my feet at that time. The tracking wasn't that tiring it was fun. Seriously. So after that, We all got the T-shirts. Lawa kott. :D i like.
Then it was the closing ceremony. But before that we had to make a building out of recycle things. We got 4th place sbb ada group yg kedekut xnak bg tape. OhWell. Then it was the closing ceremony. Paraguay got 9th place. Haha! Okay la tu. Our leader got the best leader award. CehWah. haha.

Our T-shirt! Lawa kn ;D


So After all that it was time to go back. Oh something happened.... After i put my bags dlm lori my friend nak gi toilet so i teman kn die. Then klr toilet tngk2 xda org dah. haha. terkejut gile. Then we saw ada guys yg ikot lori so kiteorg pon nk ikot lori but dorang srh naik van ;D That time tgh hujan slowly. Sure ramai yg panas tngk kiteorg dlm van. Haha. OhWell Not our fault. Mase tgh tggu lori for our bags tiba2 hujan lebat gile. Best la gak mandi hujan.

So thats pretty much it. Overall Mingle-Mingle In the Park was AWESOME!! Had so much fun.
Thanks to APAcS for organizing this. This was so much fun. Thank You! :D

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

18 Is the New Me!

20th June 2010
So I decided to celebrate with my friends. Why not my Family? Because They had send my sister back to school in Perak. So i didn't want to stay at home or in a car for 3 hours for my Birthday. Whats the best thing after Family? FRIENDS! (heart)

I wanted to go to KLCC for my Birthday. So We did! I was supposed to go with my cousins but they bailed on me so Faz went to pick me up at my house around 9am. Thanks Faz :D
Then we went to pick up Syeira at her house. After that it was off to the KTM at UKM. Then naik LRT at KL Central. We arrived at Klcc around 11am. Some friends bailed on me too. OhWell.

First stop was makan time at the food court. I ate the wonderful waffle! Syeira bought a hotdog and Faz well... Die beli air jee. Haha.
So after makan time we went jalan2. Oh another reason i wanted to go to KLCC was because i needed to buy stuff for college.

So after i shopping Aiman finally arrived with her to bodyguards. Haha! No laa. Its was her two sisters. I wanted to eat at CHILI'S but it was expensive so we decided to head to Mahattan Fish Market. It was Great! Ohh and Faz tried the new drink. I think it was called Lemon Mint something. It was GROSS! Well not that gross but it wasn't delicious either.

Okay so around 5pm we headed home. And while in the KTM from KL Central, The Ktm STOPPED! And mean STOPPED! Ughhh. We were stuck! No air-cond. So we just waited.
And Suddenly..........
I heard A HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG! From who? From My Friends. They even had a piece of cake with an unfired candle. Hahaha! I was well.... MALU!!! Semua org pandang. AHH!!!
But it was the best MOMENT of the day! I LOVE YOU GUYS (heart) I will remember that moment forever!

Well that what happened on my 18th Birthday. It was AWESOME, FUN, BIZZARE, EMBARRASSING! Thanks Faz, Syeira, and Aiman! Ohh and Aiman's Sister (heart).


Pictures are with Faz so i dont know when i can post them :P

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mid Valley!

3rd June 2010

This is the 3rd time i ever stepped in Mid Valley. We took KTM from UKM to Mid Valley. To UKM we took the best private transport we can find which was Faz's Transport ;P Arrived at Mid around 10 something. So we jalan2 and stop to eat Breakfast at Krispy Kreme the best donut store there is =D

So after that we continued our shopping journey untill 5pm. What a shopping day. Oh! While jalan2 tiba2 ada unknown friend yg muncul XD.

Okay enough of that. My mom gave me 100+ for shopping. Tngk2 all that duit was used =( surprising. My beret(beanie) was like 50. My sunglasses was 50. Then my shirts was puluh2. So i had to use my emergency money! Ah! sayang2! Nevermind i will get more. =P

Everyone balik with atleast 2 or bags. Shopping habis-habisan la. Okay thats all. Malas nak tulis panjang2.

This is what i bought XD

PS the black cardigan me and Yayan bought the same one ;D

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunway Baby!

5th May 2010

Journey started at 8.30 am at Putrajaya Central. Took the Erl to KL Sentral then naik Komuter ke Subang Jaya. Then at Subang Jaya we walked to the bus stand. First time naik Public bus. In front of us ada a group of chinese. Syeira cakap kite ikot je dorang, mane th dorang pon gi Sunway. Haha. Then mmg btol dorang pon nak gi Sunway. Kebetulan. Then around 9.50 am we arrived at Sunway Pyramid. At that time sume perut lapar. So we decided to go have breakfast but it was more like a brunch. Then sampai kat SUBWAY we decided to eat there. First time Faz and Syeira makan Subway!
Breakfast at Subway!

The journey continues to SUNWAY LAGOON! The ticket counter was still closed. So we had to wait for like 10 minutes or so. Then beli tickets for 3 Parks. Amusement Park, Water Park and WildLife Park which was Rm60 plus Rm 10 for deposit. At the entrance ada bag checking counter. Makanan and Minuman luar dilarang bawak masuk. Syeira was like alaaa. haha cause die ada bawak Chips More. So at the counter the person checked her bag and nasib die xperasan. Haha! Seledup makanan.

Ali Baba

First trip was to the Western West. Masa tu there was noone. So ambik gambar with the Red Indians. Faz sempat naik atas kuda. Haha! Then we went to the change room and locker room. 1 locker cost Rm5! I know right. Expensive! So Water Park we went. Mula2 main at the kids pool. Haha! We were under 12 at that time. =P Then It was slide time. BEST! especially the Mat Slide thing. Laju siot. And Faz always ended at last place. Haha! Then the Wave Pool and the Beach Pool. The beach pool kietorg jumpa the Camera Man! Haha! Sume excited nak ambik gambar underwater. Lawa gile gambar underwater. we couldn't buy the pictures. Why?
Money Problem. The cd cost Rm100+. Freakin Mahal kot! So ByeBye gambar =(

Faz Yg Panjat Naik Kuda

Cute Sign

Yes! I'm the Tourist Guide ;D

My Neckless In Making.

In between that. Kiteorg naik the best ride. The 270 degree ride. FREAKIN AWESOME! Nak naik lagi!! Tapi hujan turun...
Then naik ride The Blow. Thats we me and Syeira called it cause kering terus rambut naik ride tu. Haha! So we went here and there. Bla bla bla.

Ugh! Buang Masa Je Bt Muka


Peacock Chasing

Stuck In The Prision

The Hairblow!

The Best part of the trip THE SCREAM PARK! We had to pay Rm 25 cause it wasnt it our package. But it was so worth it. So there were like 6 people at that time including us. Pak Cik2. I was at the back! Haha! Wanna know somthing? I was freakin scared that i closed my eyes sampai ada the Dr. Ghost had to take off my 3D glasses. Malu siot. PakCik2 gelakkan. The Best part was the Prisioner Mental Ghost or whatever they are called. Jahat Gile! They tarik2 my bag sampai xleh nk gerak then Syeira marah the ghost. Hahahaah! Padan Muka! Tapi those ghost were really friendly sampai ada yg nak ikot Syeira balik. Haha. So it was SUPER AWESOME that we decided to go in again. This time I wasn't THAT scared. The Prisioner pon dah kenal kiteorg. Haha! Siap Interview lagi. Haha! Best Best. Masa nak klr tu ajak dorang ambik gambar but their boss was there so =( And remember ''Dont Touch The Ghost And The Ghost Won't Touch You''
After Scream Park!
Before 2nd Time.

Well that was pretty much it. Had dinner at Chicken Rice Shop at Sunway Pyramid. Oh Oh. At the exit entrance kiteorg dpt exchange the wrist band for a watch. Yay! But the deposit gone.
So we left Sunway around 6 something dekat2 kul 7pm. We had to go back before dark. Yela takot malam2. We Arrived at Putrajaya Central around 9pm. More than 12 hours of fun! My parents wasn't even mad. Haha! AWESOME DAY! We have to do it again

Conclusion.... SUPER AWESOME EXPERIENCE EVER! Thanks Syeira and Faz. And the other people yg xdpt ikot... Rugi siot. Haha!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Got This!

Yesterday on the way home from Taman Warisan after me and my family had dinner, I got a text from Hafiz about my tawaran result. And i was like WHAT?! Yela xcaye kn. So then i quickly got online and checked the upu for myself. The Results?
This is what i wanted. My first choice.
So that night everyone was like.... ''Btol ke bole check nie?''....''Dah keluar ke result die?''
So i just answered " Nah nie link die, go check yourself.''

Now I have two offers! Architecture or CAT?! I'm in confusion. My dad said after i finish my degree in architecture, he will send me to UK. So i was like Yay! Then he said if you do CAT he will also send me to UK to do ACCA.
So right now my decision is UNKNOWN.

The offical offer.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aiman's 18th Birthday Bash!

Today was Aiman's 18th Birthday. HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY AIMAN! So we decided to make her a surprise birthday party. And the location of the party was MY HOUSE! So Izyan bawak kete and picked me up to buy Aiman's birthday cake which was A Secret Recipe Cake. And yes it was sponsered by me! It was kinda my birthday present for Aiman. So lepas beli cake singgah Mydin to buy balloons and ice and coke.
So after that it was preparing time. Dorang je yang tiup all the balloon. I was busy doing something else. It was 12 o'clock so i called Dominos Pizza. We bought 2 Large pizza with extra cheese and We got 1 free regular pizza. When i mean We is was actually me who bought them. Takpe. It was on me. ;D So then we were waiting for the birthday girl to arrive. It was 12 something and Aiman hadn't arrived yet. So Izyan pon call die. And guess what? She was busy watching movies. Tsktsktsk. Aiman Aiman.... Being late for her own party. So when Aiman arrived at the door die kne kunci kat luar Haha! cuz we were getting ready with the cake and wearing our Super Heros Mask. Then we opened the door and sang ''Happy birthday!'' to her. Her face...Priceless. haha!
Then we all ate the cake and pizzas. And yes plenty of things happened that i'm too lazy to tell.
So then 'Afina arrived and we were all screaming ''AFINA!!!'' Yela lama xjumpa cuz die g PLKN.
So we continued chatting and gossiping.
Then it was time for Games! Game no. 1 Water balloons. Game no.2 Hose. Haha! Aiman was all wet! Haha Padan muke :P
After that We started to play Wii. Haha! Lawak2. Especially mase main Mario Kart. Puteri drove like a crazy person. Maklumla first timing main game tu dgn streng. Haha! Then It was makan time again. Dorang cari makanan sendiri. Buka peti ice. Masak sendiri. haha I didnt care cuz stock makanan mmg banyak and plus xda sape2 nak makan. So they ate and ate. Menambahkan berat badan masing2. OhYeah masa Aminah tgh masak hotdog tibe2 gas dapur dah abis! HAHA!
so alternative was the microwave.
So that was mostly it. Conclusion of the day = FUN!!
Partiers=Syeira,Izyan,Puteri,Khairina,'Afina,Izzattie, Aminah and Aiman.

P.S Pictures will be uploaded ASAP.

Interviews For My Future Sake.

28th April 2010
Thats my second interview date for my CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) interview.
So I woke up that day very early around 6.45 am and Yes! its early for me. So we arrive at Uitm around 8 o'clock. So then we went to the interview place at one building. So The parking space was soooo not enough that my dad drops us off. We went to the 14th floor which was the highest level.
Walk through the room and saw the name list. So i look for my name. And GUESS WHAT?! My name wasnt there. And I was like O=! So my mom said '' Cuba try check skali lg.'' Then i checked like 3 times. Then there was a sign saying ' Nama yang tidak tersenarai sila ke Dewan Kuliah 1 (bersebelahan pos office)' Then we went back down. So then I saw a name list that was super long.
Finally my name was FOUND! No. 27 for Panel 7. At 8.30 am we were asked to go in the Dewan.
Then the Dean said '' Welcome to our Open Interview'' And i was like ''Open Interview?'' Yes it wasnt really an Interview at all. More like an Taklimat for the CAT program. All the students in the Dewan including me were listed as a Fast Track program. Meaning we can finish this program for 1 year only instead of 1 1/2 years. After hearing all the bla bla bla We were asked to confirm if we wanted this program or not. So i decided to just confirm it. The conclusion is that THIS WAS NOT A REAL INTERVIEW! But some students had to be interviewed at the 14th floor. Kesian kan. OhWell Lucky me I guess. ;D
Oh Btw Sambil2 menunggu masa nak balik i decided to find nama Alep and see kalau die kne interview ke tak. So Alep You were listed at Panel 10 and No interviewed needed. Haha! Tapi Mr.Alep here decided not to attend the interview. OhWell.

10th April 2010
My first ever interview for Bachelor of Science (Architecture). Arrived at Uitm Around 8.30am.
Parked the car. We climb the stairs and to let you all know it was tiring cause we were like climbing bukits you know. Ugh. But that time i didnt wear any heels cuz of the rain and so.
So I went to daftar my name at the counter. My number was 49. Then I had to sit for the Drawing test. Before that Faz was the first batch for the Drawing test since she was number 19. So apa lagi. I called her and tanya What did we have to draw. She said ''Lukis bocks je'' And I was like Cehh. So I went for the the Drawing Test which was only for an hour. FYI my lukisan sangat hodoh sebab masa xcukup UGH! So then after that it was time for the Interview.
The question that they asked...
Please describe about yourself and your family?
I started answering '' I have 3 siblings. One older brother and one younger sister. My Brother is doing medicine in Cairo University and My sister is at a boarding school. My dad and my mom works for the goverment. My dad is a Pengarah at Kementrian Pertahanan and my mom is a pengawai kerajaan in JPA.'' And yes i spoke a little bit of Malay. So then i started blabbling.
Why Architecture?
I answered '' Because its the mixture of science and Arts.'' Then i start blabbling again.
Why Did you choose Uitm?
I forgot what i answered. Haha.
There were more questions but i forgot.Sorry.

So thats my interviews experinces that i will never forget. Plus It was FUN!. I'm hoping to get the Arhitecture offer. So doakan for me.