Monday, July 26, 2010

Let's Mingle- Mingle!

24 July-25 July 2010

That weekend i xbalik umah :( Plus that weekend gak Sigma buat BBQ. It was kinda sad that i didn't get to go but there was nothing i could do. All the new Professional students had to attend the induction program. Ours was called 'Mingle-Mingle In The Park 19'. Kiteorg dpt gi Alang Sendayu at Gombak. Sume professional students which, includes CAT, Cima and some ACCA students joined the program.

We arrived at Alang Sendayu around 9am i think. But i can't remember cause i slept all the in the bus. haha. Yela penat pe. I slept around 1am on friday night cause bercite-cite dgn roomate. haha.
So sampai2 kt the louge we split into our groups. I was in group 12. First thing kiteprg kne bt is our team flag. Oh btw the theme for this mingle-mingle was fifa world cup. So our team was..... PARAGUAY. Don't ask camne kiteorg bole dpt that team. So My team had 9 members. All of them was awesome.


Our second activity was Explore Race. It was AWESOME. We had to swim in the sungai then got tepung sbb kne denda. Haha! Then we had to sling shot a tin, Draw on our team flag on our face. Lawa kott :) Then we had one task that everyone has to go through a tali yg enth pe2. But it took a long time for one person so we took the penalty which was kne guling2 on the grass. The last one arrived kne telur. So one of our leader kne telur cause die volunteer. There was this task that kne swimming in the pool. Which was so fun. Kutip2 lego cause we had to build 3 modals.
There was 12 task but we only did 5 i think. Haha.

So our third activity was Game War. Which was so much fun. Kelakar gile tengok all the guys rebut the other team flags. Semangat gile sume org main game nie sampai ganas2 ponn ada. But it was a short game cause it was too ganas. Haha!

Roomies :D

So that night we had Malam Kebudayaan. We got a strip of the character and words that kne ada in that show. Our character was PowerPuff Girls and Mat rempit. And the words was kereta lembu, lemang, sterika baju, tahlil, penyakit kurap and ada lagi tp xingat. Overall our show was awesome. Sbb sume spotan. I was one of the powerpuff girls. ;D We were the first team to perform cause the other team.....

The second and final day. We had senamrobik to the song Waka waka. Tak peluh pon. haha.
Our main activity was Jungle Tracking. Now that was so much fun. Dapat mandi at the waterfall. Oh yeah i think i felt a water snake around my feet at that time. The tracking wasn't that tiring it was fun. Seriously. So after that, We all got the T-shirts. Lawa kott. :D i like.
Then it was the closing ceremony. But before that we had to make a building out of recycle things. We got 4th place sbb ada group yg kedekut xnak bg tape. OhWell. Then it was the closing ceremony. Paraguay got 9th place. Haha! Okay la tu. Our leader got the best leader award. CehWah. haha.

Our T-shirt! Lawa kn ;D


So After all that it was time to go back. Oh something happened.... After i put my bags dlm lori my friend nak gi toilet so i teman kn die. Then klr toilet tngk2 xda org dah. haha. terkejut gile. Then we saw ada guys yg ikot lori so kiteorg pon nk ikot lori but dorang srh naik van ;D That time tgh hujan slowly. Sure ramai yg panas tngk kiteorg dlm van. Haha. OhWell Not our fault. Mase tgh tggu lori for our bags tiba2 hujan lebat gile. Best la gak mandi hujan.

So thats pretty much it. Overall Mingle-Mingle In the Park was AWESOME!! Had so much fun.
Thanks to APAcS for organizing this. This was so much fun. Thank You! :D

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